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David Sharara the author and founder of the Provisiologia, has been specialized and authorized at the Israeli Society Of Psychocybernetics over the years 1997 - 2007 in Psychocybernetics , Management By Challenges , Guided Thinking , Hypnotherapy , Guided Imagination , and more various subjects. 

David Sharara also completed the academic and practical course requirements of the Academic College at Wingate and was certified as an Instructor of martial arts in self defense. 

After years of development the book Provisiologia was written by David Sharara and was published on 3 jul 2014.

Provisiologia is the theory of planning thinking ahead that built from the social and personal events in the environment of the individual. The Provisiologia makes its journey through philosophy, psychology, anthropology, and theology. The connection between the individual and his environment structured in the form of repetitive events, which are defined as fixed patterns of thinking and behavior. The Provisiologia bridges between the thought and action, and interprets the events and their origins and the reason of their origins. 

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